Linked References Filtering

Preface: There does not seem to be a Linked References filtering functionality implemented in Logseq. However, if there is a way to do this that I am missing (perhaps using queries in some fancy way), I would love to know.
Motivation: My main use case for Logseq is knowledge management. The backlinks are incredibly powerful in this context, allowing for extremely intricate schemes of knowledge modelling. However, without a proper filtering functionality, the usefulness of backlinks is inversely proportional to the modelling complexity. In practice, hurdles are met quite rapidly.
Proposal: Basic filtering using tag inclusions/exclusions would be a good start. However, a richer API which would allow sorting and the use of queries would be even better. Roam has had the basic filtering feature for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if it’s in production yet, but this post indicates that they are working on enabling sorting and the use of queries.

Just found this! Super excited. It seems that the basic filtering functionality is already implemented and merged, but not released yet for performance reasons. I’ll be following this issue closely. Thank you to those who contributed.


Yes, I can’t wait! Queries might be an overkill initially but sorting would be fantastic

this is an amazing feature, like @Alexandre_See said this seems to be on the way, but it does make sense to have be more stable before is public, I hope it comes soon!

Linked references are supported now, notice the page itself doesn’t support filters, we’ll address this later.


I found there is no option to select and filter but just a pop up window.

@vincentteoh That happens for me as well. I’m still not sure when they are displayed and when they aren’t

The way filters are supported are a bit odd, in my opinion.

  1. There search box for the filters to limit down the choices (especially if you have lots of items to filter down)
  2. If you filter something it doesn’t limit down the other options (which is probably due to #3)
  3. if you filter 2 items it seems it adds the two together instead of doing the “union” of the two. Like its an OR clause instead of AND. I would expect it to be an “AND”

First off, absolutely love Logseq, and it feels wonderful to finally be able to start building a knowledge base that is file-based on my own computer.

But my main pain-point right now is the backlink functionality. I’d really like to add my support for AND-based filtering instead of OR-based, like mentioned in this thread. IMO adding multiple filters should narrow down the results, not the opposite.

I would also really like the filters to take the outline hierarchy in consideration, not just the actual node and page. So a reference nested under a parent reference should be able to filter on the parent reference as well. Otherwise the whole point of outlining is rather diminished in my opinion.

In fact, the Roam way of filtering backreferences is quite perfect in my opinion (included search, count indicators, AND-filtering with included narrowing based on selected filters etc…). If Logseq could replicate this functionality I would be a really happy camper!


I agree here. Linked Reference filtering should be AND-based.

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It is also necessary to sort the filter options as well. When the list of filter backlinks is large, it is really messy to find the right option without any order

Yes to all this. Needs to be added! Also page level filtering. Right now it looks liek filtering is only available on the linked references. Roam allows filtering on the page level.

Curious as to what you mean by page level filtering. Does this mean there are two ways to filter?

Yes. On Roam you can filter the page, or the linked references to the page.

Linked references filtering was built by @Aryan and was released with 0.7.7