Flashcards/SRS Improvements

Logseq offers basic SRS which is great. I have a wishlist that can create Logseq awesome SRS tool for learners.

  • Card random order in normal mode and preview mode.
  • Card review heatmap(plugin would be great if someone want to develop.)
  • Card suspension
  • Setting daily card review limit
  • Options to change keyboard shortcuts
  • Timer for card review (automatic revealing of card also)
  • Revealing card line by line(or block by block) (use case : remembering poem or speech)
  • Image Occlusion
  • Learning/Overview stats of card review

To add, the cloze part is not masked.

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All good suggestions! We need to make this entry have a good number of votes to get the attention of the developers.

There are a few things that should be implemented into the SRS of Logseq:

  1. An easy way to add audio/image from “assets” folder. Currently to access a linked audio file in multiple platforms is a pain due to the full path url requirement… also plugins do not help much on Android or IOS. It could be easily added to the slash command like “/ Assets” or “/ Media” etc. Would be nice to be able to search the files by name through the slash menus when inserting. Also, consider to provide at least 2 options for playback - a full player and single play button (like in Anki)

  2. Cloze hierarchy should be a thing. Like in Anki, “cloze” should have a way to hide and show parts of a sentence independently, nut just collectively. (cloze 1, cloze 2 / cloze #1, cloze #2) Currently if I want to hide 3 information in a sentence, I have to make 3 cards otherwise, I hides all of them at once.

  3. Provide a way to review a keyword tagged cards separately. Hashtags behave like decks, but one must write a query to be able to review 1 specific “deck” and not every card in the database.

I think audio in flashcards is craved by all of us who intend to use Logseq in their studies (not just language studies), and should be implemented with and easier access by the assets folder (not a full path url, that’s only suitable for desktop users and unusable on other platforms).

Please make this happen! It would be amazing to have my language notes and language flashcards (with audio) in the same app and be able to look up notes on grammar, without jumping form one app to another.

Thanks for reading this post, vote if you too think it’s needed in Logseq!

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Yeah been missing a native add local asset too. Theres a plugin called localassets that does it via filename (and filename only), but a call to shell (window to choose file) would natively would be great for seeing the assets folder in thumbnails instead of remenbering filenames

I also vote on the cloze. For now theres a ‘workaround’, indenting copies of the sentence under it and then deleting the areas on the parent sentence; So sentence would be redacted with whatever youd type to signal something there was ocluded, and unfolding it would be the ‘open cloze’

  • lorem (…) est parent
    • lorem ipsum (…) est
      • lorem ipsum dolor est

Its cumbersome, involve more steps, redundant data and the reveal would be linear… but at least its an way for now.

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There’s now built-in audio support. You can drag-and-drop an audio file and it’ll be added to the assets folder. However, you still need to add a ! in front of the code to actually render the audio player. Like this: ![](path-to-file.mp3)

One thing I’d like to see next is to enable cards within cards. What now happens when I nest a card within another card, that all cards are shown when reviewing the main card. The “child cards” show fine; it’s just the main card containing child card(s) that shows everything:

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