Implementing group tags in Logseq in the style of org-mode

We need a way to specifiy group tags in Logseq in the style of org-mode: Tag Hierarchy (The Org Manual)

You should be able to organize tags/pages into multiple group tags to allow for all sorts of abstractions and top-down filtering. For example, #cat can be grouped under #animal but also under #fluffy_things. #Rossin under #composer but also under #cook. Both #composer and #cook would go under #person and so on. It is sort of like the tag inheritance feature in the outliner, but not limited to the context in which notes were captured. We should be able to define these taxonomies independently from the experience of capturing and processing notes so that they apply accross the board and allow for intuitive filtering in the future without the use of advanced queries. They would also need to reflect in the tag pane of the Linked references filtering section (as they are inherited).

I can imagine a built-in page-property “parent(s)::” allowing the user to specify these relations once and for all in order to retrieve useful information through filtering and Boolean operators.

I think this is very important! There are already a bunch of feature requests on this topic

High level:


And one way to implement hierarchical searches along properties and display them as a tree:

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Hello gax,

Thank you for your exhaustive reply I did not realise how popular that feature request was already! To me it seems painfully obvious. I can’t really function without an ontology (hierarchical ordering of concepts). MOCs are nice for getting you around but not powerful enough to summon a few relevant blocks on the spot with Boolean operators.

Do you happen to know another app that offers polyhierarchy of pages/topics? I’m looking into org-mode at the moment although I suspect I’m not getting a Logseq’s dynamic tag pane to help me narrow down my search into existing tag combinations instead of aiming in the dark. Both these features combined would be a killer second brain experience.


Hi Matthieu,

I wish the request was more popular, because to me it is also painfully obvious!
At the moment, Logseq is more of a write-once, read never, notataking system.

Other than org-mode I am not sure which system has proper tag hierarchies, but I am sure many of them do, given that this is such a basic idea. A couple people in the threads gave up and moved on to other systems that do, unfortunately I don’t remember which.

Alex0 has been in touch with the developers and his proposal for a basic tree search seems to have gained traction, he mentioned that it would be one of the next items they’d work on. This thread has more info, it also has a diagram how it would all work.

It is not a big project, all we need is a tree search command, the UI probably can already render the output. Ultimately we’ll need some tools to efficiently organize tags, but worst case this can be done with an external script.

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