Hide aliases circles in Graph View

If not by default, it would be good to have an option to hide them.
It makes no sense to me showing them as different circles once they are just another way of naming the original ones.

Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

+1. The graph can very quickly get cluttered if you’re trying to maintain a hierarchy in your notes, and are hiding the path using aliases. Like @mydogiscooler says, it would be good to have a toggle to remove empty aliases from the graph.

Illustration of problem:


I’d also really appreciate an option to hide these empty aliases. I personally use them mostly for abbreviations for long titles to easier reference these pages in other notes (e.g. CMS) and it’s kind of distracting and useless to have them shown as separate pages.


I’d like to bump this feature request.
I just don’t see how, for example, “Albert Einstein” and “Einstein” would constitute two separate nodes on the graph.
As a side note, this isn’t the first time I’ve come to this forum looking for progress on this idea, but this is the first time I’ve seen this specific post.
I’ve tried checking the Roadmap on the LogSeq website, but is there anywhere else that the list of planned features is being maintained?
Or is there a pause on new features while LogSeq gears up for a v1.0 release?


I´d like to bump this request, too.
I use aliases to link many different spellings of a word to the same page. It´s just the most intuitive and fastest way. For example, if i come across the word “houses” i shortcut-make a page out of it and make an alias on the “house” page. In other languages, like german, there can be a huge variaty of spellings, all concerning the same word: Haus, Hauses, Häuser, Häusern etc.

I somehow can see how each alias has to create it´s own page (even though this clutters the “all pages” site to the point of being of no use at all). But hiding all these pass-through aliases in the graph page would be a huge improvement.

I consider it a main theme of logseq to make note taking simpler - and decluttering definitly is a huge part of simplicity. Thanks


+1 Please make this adjustment, as aliases are not even real pages on the Disk…

Here are some more references about this - it’s a feautre much more needed than it may seem just based on this one thread…

Looks like there was a fix, but not complete: Fix: "Page aliases are unaffected by the page property exclude-from-graph-view" by 8N9KT · Pull Request #6241 · logseq/logseq · GitHub


+1 for this feature, I found that really annoying too.


I agree that this would make the graph view much more useable and clutter-free. The current duplicates misleads one into thinking there are connection than there actually are provide no additional benefits. I concur that we separate them only if the content of the alias pages are different.


+1 for this request! I love the concept of aliases, but they clutter the graph, and attempting to hide them just hides the actual page.

Perhaps a toggle on the graph view?


For languages with rich inflection and conjugation systems each notion can have about ten morfological variants (~5 for singular and ~5 for plural for nouns; verbs have also several possible endings when used in sentences). It seemed ok to capture these variants as aliases, until I opened up the graph view, where the alias-nodes outnumber by far the nodes which I am really interested in.
Some setting for filtering out the aliases from the graph is quite essential for such languages (e.g. latin).


I have noticed that the pages in graph can be link by different alias, so “hide” the alias may be missleading, we should “merge” the alias.

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