Host Logseq Database on Personal Server

I have a personal server with a registered domain name that has extra space on it. I would love to use this to host my files for Logseq. Is there any way to do this?

I’d prefer to use the desktop and Android apps to access these files (without syncing) and have the files on my server instead of someone else’s cloud host. If that’s not possible, second best would be to sync automatically from my server.

I use git for that, but requires the syncing (git knowledge required):

Another option I’ve read, but yet tried (docker and server management knowledge required):

This super duper confuses me. So Logseq is available as a web app that you can easily setup via docker. But when wanting to set up a graph it requires you to use a local database which makes syncing complicated and unnecessary because, well, I have a private server. The only thing the logseq instance would need is password protection.

There surely is a solution like this, right? I mean it’s 95 % there. It just needs the adjustment for “just save the database in your web path”.

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I also want the same thing: the ability to fully host a logseq instance (including the data/files) in the server. I’ve seen this discussed in several other threads [1][2] and also very confused as to why it’s not prioritized.

If you’re looking for an alternative, SilverBullet (silverbullet [dot] md) is basically exactly that, but with much fewer features than Logseq

[1] - Logseq in docker - ability to open directory on server · logseq/logseq · Discussion #7841 · GitHub
[2] - Local (on-server) storage for self-hosted Logseq

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This strikes me as obvious so it’s inevitably wrong, but I’ll throw it in anyway: Could you run an nfs server on your personal server? Mount the nfs share on your computer on which you’re using Logseq and Logseq will see the files it wants transparently, as if they were on the client PC. I have my doubts about getting the Android app to work with this, though.

hi, i recently setup logseq and i am completely new to this.
so i hope im not talking complete nonsense now, not understanding what you need, however i just leave it here.

i synchronised my pc and handy via: “SyncThing”. its a free open source software.
it gives you everything you need and much more, you can also set a password.

  • this guy explains it really well and simple, he himself synced 3 devices, his desktop pc, a laptop and a handy. in his case the handy functions as the seeder between his desktop pc and his laptop.
    which in your case would be your server to seed between your 2 other devices. :slight_smile:
    although i have no clue how to manage a server, but i imagine it as a normal windows 10 user interface. hope i could help you

I have my logseq graph uploaded on my private nextcloud server.

  • I access it on my desktop through nextcloud desktop client
  • I access it on my android mobile through folder sync app (free version)

Good luck.

Ive run the docker server before. Not sure if anyone else who’s tried using that before ran into this, but I found that the browsers that can use it are super limited because the local storage requires a browser feature that is insecure and disabled in most browsers, which cannot be enabled.

NFS sounds like a decent option, but you’d inevitably run into issues accessing it over the WAN unless you use a VPN to tap into your local network. Maybe there’s some sort of caching that could allow for access when out of your network? Also, Id wonder about sync to Apple devices.

Git can be nice, thats the only way to sync to an Apple device that I’ve been able to get working, but you’ll run into some gnarly conflict issues which requires complex understanding of git.

SyncThing is the smoothest experience but doesn’t work on Apple devices because the app sandboxing won’t allow shari g of storage.