Local (on-server) storage for self-hosted Logseq

As the Github backend has been deprecated, I’d love it if we had the option to use local storage (self-hosted only). This would get rid of the need to sync between different devices for people running Logseq on their own server. It would also allow us to use Browsers that don’t support the File System Access API (Firefox, IE, Opera, WebView).

It is already possible to build Logseq to run as a web service, it is in the default documentation: here

To use it on the internet you would have to secure it (yourself) with a proxy-server in front of it.

All of this is not terribly complicated but is not trivial either.

Yes, I know. There is also an official docker container, which I have running behind a reverse-proxy.

But these versions do not allow us to use the local storage of the server running the application. For the Logseq instance deployed on their own servers that makes sense, of course. But for a self-hosted instance it would not just be convenient, but be logical.


Ah, perfect. Let’s see if anything comes of this.