How can I use aliases in hierarchical pages with namespace, without affecting references linked in higher hierarchies?

I made a bug post a few days ago describing this problem. Linked references in namespace pages are not displayed in a higher category when using aliases

But, as I mentioned there, I don’t know if it’s actually a bug or if it’s a feature like that by design. Or if there is any way to achieve what I want.

As you know, namespaces can be useful to give a certain hierarchical order even though that is not the natural way to use logseq. And one of the advantages is that, if I use the format [[A/B/C]] to create the pages, any mention of that page will also be seen as a linked reference in [[A/B]] and [[A] ] for being their superior categories.

The problem is that if I decide to alias #C to the page [[A/B/C]] and mention it by its alias, that mention will not appear as a linked reference in [[A]] nor in [[A/B ]].

This is the example I put in my bug report:


As you can see, the mention of [[Carbs/Bread]] is only referenced in [[Carbs]] if I use the name of the page and not its alias [[Bread]].

How can I use aliases without sacrificing the linked reference on the top page? That’s my doubt.


Did you try to reindex ?

Yes, I tried. It didn’t work.

For now, what I’m doing is using the alias format: #[Bread]([[Carbs/Bred]]), but it’s impractical to have to type so many brackets and parentheses just to tag a block.

I’m also using a custom.js that cannibalox posted here. which makes the pages in the namespace look like this:

This can be very useful if you are going to mention the page as an integral part of the text, and not just as an end tag.

The combination of both is useful, although it is still a complex solution for something that should be much simpler. So, is not a real solution for me, it’s just a tip.

In any case I’m still reading ideas, if anyone has them. :slight_smile:


Agree. I have adopt only the alias variant with page’s properties like this… (for contact in “Contacts/pro/Jane Smith”)

icon:: 👩🏻
alias:: Jane, JAJA, Jane Smith
birthday:: [[28-07-2023]]

It must be done when creating each new page integrated into a hierarchy, but we quickly take the hit.