Linked references in namespace pages are not displayed in a higher category when using aliases

At first, I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s for a purposeful reason. But I mention it because, as you know, the use of namespaces can be somewhat complicated due to their length. I’ve seen others get around the problem by using aliases on their pages.

Another advantage I see of spaced names is that if I mention a specific category, the reference in the previous category is seen. But this is only happening when the page is mentioned with its full name, and not when it is mentioned with the alias.

For example:

[[Carbs/Bread]] with aliases [[Bread]]

any mention of [[Carbs/Bread]] should be seen as a linked reference on the [[Carbs]] page and it does. But, when mentioning her by her alias, that does not happen.

Here I mention it both by full name and by alias.

But here it only shows it to me when it is by name, not by alias.

That’s the thing. I work with different types of information that are organized in a hierarchical manner, at various levels. I would like to be able to mention the lower levels and have the linked reference be seen in the higher levels, just by the alias, and avoid having to always mention with the structure [[level1/level2A/Level3W/Level5H]], just using [[Level5H ]] and see the linked reference when I open Level2A

I am using logseq 8.9 on a windows 10 computer.

If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this, or if it can be updated to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Wow, I’ve been started using hierarchies more often and this bug almost made me drop using it at all.

As the name suggests, an alias should be nothing but another way to reference a page, all the the other behaviors of the Logseq should work as expected.

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Why isn’t this still fixed :sob::sob::sob: My only use case of namespaces is to show children’s linked references in the parent’s linked references. For now I’ll use cannibalox’s custom.js, but I hope this bug can be fixed in the near future.