How do I embed locally available Google Drive files?

Acessing a local file like ![Interesting File](file://C:\Users\user\Documents\Interesting File.pdf) works as expected.
However, accessing a locally available Google drive file like ![Interesting File](file://O:\.shortcut-targets-by-id\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\Documents\Interesting File.pdf) tries to access the file within the assets folder instead. ie. I get the following error.

Error: Missing PDF "file:///D%3A/Personal/Notes/assets/O%3A.shortcut-targets-by-id/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Documents\Interesting File.pdf".
Is this the correct path?

How do I get this to work?

Welcome. Check Adding links to Windows network folders

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Thanks for your quick response. I got it working thanks to your link!

For the exact details about this problem: This is not quite a network location, since it exists on the local disk and has a full Windows path, complete with a drive letter. However, while file:// works for a normal file, a Google drive file to be denoted like file:///. Note the extra “/” in file:///. Apparantly we have to force Logseq to read the path as an absolute path.

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