How far off is properties 2.0 and more "views"? Notion vs. Logseq

I remember seeing back in November 2022 a brief preview/tweet showing properties 2.0 in Logseq. I’m wondering how far off this may be.

I had a chance to play with Tana and really like their approach for metadata management. That being said I’m not particularly interested in switching to another app.

With sync and whiteboards out of beta, I’m hoping that properties come next. While I’m believer in the bottom-up approach of outliners/blocks, it does become a pain when it comes to manage metadata in a centralized manner.


could you share a link to the tweet you are refering to?

There’s a mention/preview of it here.

You may want to consider the power tags plug-in by HKGNP for something similar to super tags, properties 2.0 is still some way out.

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Power Tags is:

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