How to achieve how i want my graph to look?


i want to link child to parents. as it’s stands it’s linking flat straight to the whole page.

the only i way i found to add structure is to is to go into a child and tag it witth it’s parent name… but then i cant link it from the main page or it’ll be included in the graph

what am i doing wrong? it has to be easier and im just a potato lol

EDIT maybe using the contents page and tag each page with its parent and? since you can exclude Built-in pages?

Welcome to Logseq and the community @pinto!

I’m not sure what you want to achieve. You’ve posted a screenshot of an outline, but your question is about the graph view?

Maybe what you’re looking for is namespaces. Here’s an example from the (unorganized) graph view of my Book page:

Here’s an article about namespaces:

And here’s a forum discussion about them:

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this is what i get:

this was what i hoped to achieve:

the problem:
I used the built-in page contents for this. and i had to go into each child and link it to it’s parent

  • The Graph view connects pages only, not blocks. And it is a graph of associations, not a hierarchy of parents and children.
  • This is in contrast to the blocks within each page, which live in the hierarchical layout of the outliner, where every block has a parent.
  • These two complimentary approaches is how Logseq structures knowledge.
    • And here is my effort to visualize it.

i just dont want the first graph. its useless in my opinion or how my brain works.

this graph doesnt help me at all
i dont want the link of a subchild to link directly to the main page.
the second graph is much more useful imo

s there an easy way to do this? maybe some other software? plugin… but mobile doesnt support plugins :frowning:

ill read the link you provided later today

i can do this in obsidian without using plugins by using Obsidian URL links instead of Markdown links.

> [Link text](obsidian://open?vault=YourVault&file=Name%20Of%20Note)

sort of. i still have to go into each note and tag/link it back to its parent

any suggestion on how to achieve this in logseq?