How to click into a block without following links?

When I have a block that is just a link, page link, or a PDF embed, it is difficult to click into the block because when you click you follow the link. This is a problem if I want to add some text beside the link, or open a new bullet point directly below the link etc. Is there a keyboard shortcut that lets you click into a block without following links? For example, I would like to hold Ctrl and click whenever I am clicking on a block and want to enter edit mode for the block instead of following the link, similar to how Shift+click opens a page on the side.

Currently, my solution is to click somewhere nearby and then use arrow keys to navigate into the block, and this sucks, especially without Vim bindings existing yet.

Does what I want already exist? Or is it a known issue? Haven’t found anything regarding this so far, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one.