Click into link block without following link

I posted about this here but based on the lack of response I’m assuming there is no way to do this currently.

Basically, when you have a block that renders itself completely as a link, there is no way to directly click into the block (e.g. in order to copy the underlying text, press return to create a new child block etc), because as soon as you click on the block, you follow the link to its destination.

The default behavior should remain, but there should be a modifier key that allows you to click into a block without following a link. It could work similar to how shift + click allows you to open a page in the side panel instead of the whole pane, except with a different modifier key.

Hi, you have encountered the same “issue” as me. We basically propose the same solution. I posted about this issue here. Maybe someone will see it.

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I like the Focus Mode plugin but ran into the same issue like in this post. I want the ability to select, or put focus on a block without having to enter the edit mode. Entering edit mode causes special symbols like ^^highlighted-text^^, or {{cloze …}} to appear.