How to create aliases and external links in Logseq

It’s also possible to link to pages outside of Logseq, i.e. websites. To point to a URL, either use the trigger menu by typing /link or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-l (macOS)/Ctrl-l (Windows) to add the following shortcode to the block: [](). Between the brackets ([ ]), put the label (name) of the link. Between the parenthesis, put the URL:

[This is the label or name of the link](

Apart from linking to pages outside of Logseq, you can also use the alias function to link to an internal page. This is handy for when you want to show a different label for an internal link. For example, [I worked on projects]([[Projects]]) will make the entire “I worked on projects” sentence clickable and point it to the Projects page.

Finally, for long page names that you use often it’s best to add a page alias. For example, you might want the link [[PKM]] as an alias pointing to the page Personal Knowledge Management. To do this, add the following in the first block of the page Personal Knowledge Management: alias:: PKM

Now, anytime you click a [[PKM]] link, you’ll end up on the Personal Knowledge Management page.

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