How to export Excalidraw Diagram via Plugin

Weiß jemand, wie ich Excalidraw-Diagramme in mein Plugin exportieren kann? Ich habe eine Lösung für Bilder gefunden, indem ich temporäre img html-Dokumentenelemente erstelle die ich dann downloaden kann. Ich hab aber noch nicht rausgefunden wie ich das für Diagramme machen kann. Würde mich über hilfe und Tips freuen.

Adding English translation (from Google so might not be perfect) for anyone in which that may be useful.

“Does anyone know how to export Excalidraw charts to my plugin? I found a solution for images by creating temporary img html document elements that I can then download. But I haven’t figured out yet how to do this for diagrams. Would appreciate help and tips.”

Thank you for translating, don’t know why I posted the German version😂

This would help me a lot because it would allow me to simply download the rendered image instead of trying to get the excalidraw file from the draws folder.

A little background.
I’m trying to export my graph with the schroedinger plugin and render it with hugo. Problem ist that I’m not able to access the drawings and export them to hugo.

I also found this feature request which goes in the same direction:

I created a tool to export my graph using nbb-logseq: