How to feed data to logseq from external application?

Is it possible to manipulate the graph externally, without using the frontend application? It would be nice to be able to aggregate external data and feed it into logseq automatically.

On Desktop or Android? Of course! That’s a benefit of using file-based storage. It’s a common usage to combine Logseq with other markdown-based softwares.

Things are trickier on iOS, due to it’s limitation on permission: Logseq on iOS says "Please choose a valid directory" on setup graph

I meant more like a server/headless interface. Like some kind of cli or library that allows me to add/edit pages and blocks programmatically.

There is an HTTP API server, which call plugin APIs. There is a createPage API.
Documentation of the API server


In addition, there’s the GitHub - logseq/nbb-logseq: nbb with features enabled for logseq project