How to sync with Onedrive on Android?

Has anyone had luck in syncing their App to Onedrive? This seems to be a downfall of the platform.

I chose Foldersync to spare myself the trouble of messing with git. It works well. Just make sure it’s fully synched before editing on either device and don’t have logseq open on both devices at the same time.


what was the process to make it work? I can’t seem to figure it out.


link your onedrive account to foldersync first, and then add a folderpair (you can see my settings in screenshots. note they’re uploaded in reverse order)

Hey, thank you. I am having trouble syncing with onedrive first. What is the function to do this as it wants me to set up the two way folder first.

Also did you just copy your existing logseq folders to the two way folder?

Thanks again.

did you just copy your existing logseq folders to the two way folder

nope, the sync I set up should be moving my content from onedrive cloud to android local.

it wants me to set up the two way folder first.

it’s okay, just make sure the android local folder you select for this is empty (i can’t remember if foldersync has a setup wizard onboarding thing that will make you create a folder in the process - if that’s the case, just create the new folder where you want it.)

I got it linked to my Onedrive now. However i am confused on what folder to sync, see the screenshot. I cant see the same files paths as yours?

eh everyone’s path is different, it depends on where you put the files in onedrive

did you just copy your existing logseq folders to the two way folder

oh i thought your files are already in onedrive! if you meant if i “moved my existing logseq folders to onedrive” - you can take that as a yes (except my logseq folders have always been in onedrive to begin with).

To move it:

  1. in logseq, unlink your graph first.
  2. move that folder to onedrive
  3. in logseq, relink the graph


That was bad wording in my part. What i meant to ask is if there is a specific logseq folder that i have to sync or do i just sync the parent logseq folder.

Thanks again.

oh, it’s only now that i saw your screenshot already contained “pages” “journals” etc.:joy:

you need to sync the parent folder of those.

Man this is so frustrating!

I got everything set up but Logseq is saying there is nothing in the local folder on my phone. Is there a way to find where my graphs are stored? Apparently I have two graghs linked but I don’t know where the second one is located. Maybe my onedrive folder is not correct.

you set it up but have you synched

look at my earlier screenshot I wrote it in red that you only add the graph folder in logseq after you sync

Is there a way to find where my graphs are stored?

you don’t find it. you tell logseq where you put it, which you placed it there by yourself first by telling foldersync where to sync the onedrive folder to

the sync can happen automatically or manually. I didn’t take a screenshot of this part because I set it to manual, while I know most people will want to sync it automatically instantly or at a set frequency. It’s to be configured in the “Scheduling” tab.

if I have the time, I’ll change my settings to be automatic and show you

I thought it had synched but I don’t think it did it correctly.

I was hoping I could find out where the second graph was stored as it was different to my onedrive. I was wondering if the Onedrive folder I synched had nothing in it and that the right graph must be somewhere else. However, the journal folders are in the Onedrive folder so I assume it is the correct one.

do I get this right —
you set up two “folderpairs” (for each pair, there’s one remote folder in onedrive synched to one folder of your specified path in android)
→ synched them (at least you thought you did)
→ then linked these two folders on android in logseq
→ and then you forgot the path to one of these two folders?

If that’s right, you can view the path in

  • either foldersync’s folderpair settings
  • or within logseq’s android app (it only shows the partial path but should give you an idea of where the folder is):

    whatever path you added to the logseq app IS the real graph. If it’s empty, it’s empty. It means you didn’t successfully sync the contents of the folder from remote to local.

(the path in these two places should be the same, otherwise it’s why you’re having problems)

today is my grumpy day so sorry if you can tell I’m not patient :disappointed_relieved: but I also feel like forum is too inefficient for this. you might spend a full day on this without seeing results… if you still have trouble, maybe join the discord server (I’m there too.)

Hey man,

It is all good. I got it to work. I had to toggle the permissions off and on. Cant believe it was that simple. Thanks so much for all your help.

I am so happy right now!


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That’s great to hear!

Thanks! I’m a new user, and this worked right away. Android 13 adds a filip, but Foldersync’s documentation can help you through.

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Hi, I have a problem with syncing my chart from my computer to my mobile. I have one drive of course, and therefore know where to find my folder under the name Logseq. Only the mobile doesn’t offer me this folder where I have all my notes and instead prompts me to write in a new chart, which of course I don’t want to do. Do you know what to do for this please?

Very great solution, I can know check my notes on phone!