How to Update to Newer Version of Logseq without losing plugins, etc ? Linux


How should I update to newer version of Logseq without losing plugins installed, etc.?

I’m using Logseq in Manjaro Linux (Arch based distro).

I’ve tried updating by going to Settings, then click on the ‘Check for updates’ button, but nothing happens.

I’m currently using v.0.70.

If I update manually by downloading zip file, then I extract file and move folders to my application directory, replacing the existing Logseq folders. Does this approach mean I have to reinstall plugins, themes, etc.?

What do you suggest for updating?



I used a script like this on Arch: Download nightly logseq release · GitHub

Your plugins are stored in $HOME/.logseq so won’t be affected

Thank you for your reply and helpful info. Greatly appreciate it!