How to work with check lists?

Hi folks

It’s my understanding that for some reason the de facto standard way of making checklists doesn’t function in Logseq. I mean:

- [ ] an item
- [x] a checked item

which is disappointing because it makes all the lists not transferable into documentation and releases in GitHub or Obsidan vaults:


So my first question: is there a way to get it working?
I don’t really need any prefixes or additional states, because a checkbox itself is two states already: TODO and DONE.

Speaking of statues and prefixes, second question.

Logseq rotates TODO state without… TODO
I use Ctrl-Enter for that and it works like this:

- an item
- LATER an item
- NOW an item 
- DONE an item 

But no TODO. How to make it cycle just TODO and DONE?

Check How to create a checklist in Logseq without TODO status