Image asset as page icon

Let us use the icon:: property to specify an image asset as page icon, not only emojis.


icon:: ![my_icon](../assets/my_icon.svg)

That is a good idea :+1:t3:

Is this icon:: property something that already exists? If so, what is it used for?

Yes, it was added in 0.4.9, I think.
It adds an icon in front of the page name. Which shows up in the tab and the recent section


Didn’t know that. Cool!

I discovered the icon:: property just yesterday from another post here, I guess it needs to be documented xD

Yes, the feature was introduced in 0.4.9 and currently only supports font glyphs and emojis.

I described how to use it in a previous comment:

Related Pull Requests:


Now that I think more about it it would be even more convenient to create icon themes and use handles in Logseq pages. For example:

icon:: :pdf:

and it display the pdf.svg icon from current icon theme; it would also be super convenient to support Freedesktop icon themes, at least on Linux

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Is this not working anymore?

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