Importing existing pages to a new Graph

I am going from having 4 graphs to only 2, how can I import the pages already created in a graph? thanks!

As far as I can see, the utility of merging graphs has not yet been developed.

But, Logseq runs in a browser, the database disappears each time you leave the app and it’s rebuilded from your files each time you execute it.

So, you can just move those files from one graph"s directory to the other one. But you have to take care with some files with the same name, such as journal files, file, etc.

But if you just move/copy files from one pages directory to an other graph pages directory and there are no files with the same name, I think there will be no conflicts.

Backup your files, do some tests in an other directory and lets see what happens.

At least that’s what I would do.

Many thanks @Didac this is helpful for me

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Check this out:

@Juan_Gutierrez And this: