[Partial Done] Add tabbed windows to desktop client / Multiple instances of Logseq

tienson mentioned it here Discord

Currently, the databases (cache) are stored in IndexedDB, and logseq will restore all the databases when starting, which makes it hard to have multiple windows.
We plan to fix this by storing the cache on the disk and only loading one graph each time.

Hope they will implement that soon.


Is a workaround (albeit read-only) to publish with the local webserver feature so you can open multiple PDF documents that way?

I appreciate the suggestion, but personally I need the ability to view and edit dozens of notes at a time.

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Give them a few more weeks. They’re already looking into making multiple instances of Logseq in the latest nightly build. Probably take a few more iterations to be stable.

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I think this is now possible through the open “New Window” option - can you please confirm if this resolves this request? Thanks


“Tabs” are different than a whole new instance of the app.

This is how Craft Docs implements this:

But, ironically, Craft doesn’t have a “sidebar” feature like Logseq and Roam have. Sooooo essential!

You can try using this plugin:

I’m using Logseq 0.6.6 on Mac OSX High Sierra.

New Window Menu item works perfectly on Mac. Great to have two different graphs side by side.

Many thanks

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May mark this as a “Done” feature? @Ramses

The new window takes ages to open and anyway is a workaround, “tabs” is another thing.

About the plugin, is not well integrated and doesn’t follow the theme.

In my opinion it’s odd that Logseq has many advanced features that normally would be plugins (flashcards, PDF annotation, slideshow, task management…) but for essential UI things like tabs it relies on plugins…

That’s an opinion. Tabs and multiple windows is not how Logseq is intended to be used. We have the sidebar, which allows you to drag blocks between pages. That’s not possible with tabs nor multiple windows, and there are reasons it doesn’t work that way.

Done! I’ve also granted you moderator rights.

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It is definitely possible to integrate the tabs plugin with the theme. Try the solarized extended theme with the tabs plugin.

Some “light-weight” window sounds achievable.
But it has a lower priority, as the multi-instance is providing similar experience (except that it’s a bit heavy. keeping instances in background may alleviate the issue.)

The use cases for tabs and sidebar are different, as you said the sidebar is useful to drag&drop blocks (we have this concept also in KDE file manager, we call it “stash”), tabs are for quickly move between different pages. Would you use your web browser without tabs but with a sidebar only?

Also, isn’t it odd that Logseq gives a lot of freedom to build a workflow around very powerful features (backlinks, namespaces, properties etc) but you are arguing for a specific UI/UX choice like this?

Of course many don’t think tabs are essential for them but it’s a matter of being free like we are with knowledge management, don’t you think?

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Thank you, does this mean themes have to support third party plugins? Can’t plugins just reuse components from the main UI? Otherwise we would end up to half-baked themes with no one supporting all the plugins.

Edit: I checked “Solarized Extended” CSS and it’s really cool and well written! Thanks again for the suggestion.

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Regarding Tabs

Reading this thread, I know this might not be in the spirit of Logseq. I understand that usually I should just be writing down notes in the daily journal, tag each paragraph appropriately, and let Logseq to its magic.

And you know what? That works much, much, much better than I ever imagined it would. I love it. It revolutionized my note-taking-workflow.

However, I still would find it extremely liberating to have window/tab/view-management akin to Visual Studio Code: Multiple tab groups I can freely organize and resize.


For that feature to feel complete, the following things would need to be implemented from my point of view:

  • Display a tab bar at the top of a tab group.
  • [Configurable, because it’s not part of everybody’s workflow] When opening something in a tab, make that tab ephemeral, until I double click on the title of the tab or write in it. (In Visual Studio Code this is indicated by a cursive font in the tab bar for that tab.) It means the tab is not pinned yet, one is only peeking inside. When another something is opened, it’s going to be opened in this tab.
  • When dragging a tab around, highlight potential drop spots for that tab. Allow for the creation of any layout.
  • Keyboard support for moving to the previous/next tab (Ctrl + PgUp/PgDown).
  • Keyboard support for moving the focus to any tab group (Ctrl + 1 for the first tab group; Ctrl + 2 for the second tab group; etc.).
  • When I click something in the sidebar, it’s opened in the currently focused tab.

I’m sure I forgot things. But this feels like a good basis for what I need to feel “free” to organize my note taking workflow according the needs I have in that particular moment.

Regarding importance: This is a feature I would personally pay for.


Regarding Multiple Instances

The more important feature for me (and the reason I made an account) is Multiple Instances of Logseq in different windows.

Like for my work as a software developer with Visual Studio Code, I need to have different projects open at the same time.

I understand that there is power in “one giant brain that has every single one of my concerns in it”. I started out doing my notes this way.

However, working remotely, I do a lot of screenshares. I also stream myself coding on Twitch sometimes. I want to take notes together with colleagues regarding a particular project. But I don’t want them to see all concerns in my life!!

So I started to structure my notes in different projects.
That means giving up the one giant external brain that has one todolist across my entire life. That sucks, sure!

But now I’m also free to keep my private thoughts in private projects, and am able to share my project-related thoughts with anyone I want to share them with.

However, I do not want to switch between projects all the time!!
Please find a way so that I can keep multiple windows with a different project for each one open at the same time.

Regarding importance: This is a feature I would personally pay for.

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There are two things you can do:

  1. Query multiple graphs at the same time using logseq-query.
  2. Create a new graph and symlinks /pages folders from other graphs as subfolders like /pages/project. You just need to be sure not to use different files with the same name across all the graphs. Or if you really need to do so, you can place disambiguous files from various graphs in a subfolder of /pages and then symlink only that to the main graph.

Thank you for the suggestions! That’s an interesting way for connecting different graphs into one bigger graph. :+1:

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