Integration with Hook

Hook App allows a bidirectional link with nearly anything on the OS - files, folders, calendar events, notes, etc. Although I can hook to the MD file Logseq creates, it would be nice it it behaved like other apps creating a direct bidirectional link to assets outside of Logseq Assets folder.

I’m a co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp. , developer of the Hook productivity app for macOS. Logseq developers and/or others, please feel free to get in touch with us if/when Logseq becomes has link automation (per the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking] . We’d love to help connect Logseq to everything outside Logseq. I.e., once the x-callback-url support is available, we’ll use it. (Hook has an integration script editor, so anyone can write the integration once Logseq has linking automation.)

We’ve published Information for Developers to Make Their Apps Linkable (API Requirements for Compatibility with Hook) – Hook. It’s easy, and we’re available to help.


Hi @LucCogZest Any chance the Hook/Hookmark will support Linux in the future? If not, do you have any recommendations for implementations of Ubiquitous Linking that does? Thanks, Mike

I would really like to see Hookmark integration, too.
My whole productivity system is based on being able to link things together.

Me, too! Not being able to use hookmark natively is the reason I still tend to live in Obsidian. I would highly appreciate Hookmark integration.

Hi, i finally found a solution.
This script can be set up in Hookmark under “Scripts” and will let you use links to Logseq pages (not blocks!) in Hookmark.


  • You need to exit editing mode for the script to work
  • It uses UI scripting, so it takes 1 second and could break easily