iOS App (iPhone only) loading and updating over several minuten

Dear Community,

i would like to issue the following bug request:

Description (Observation)
The iOS App (only on the iPhone, in this case iPhone 14 Pro) is constantly loading and displaying intermittently for several minutes 3-4 before stating a synced system. This behaviour can be observed when files have been changed on other devices (Mac, iPad) as well as when no changes have been made on other devices and LogSeq had been synced on the iPhone before. The sync time of 3-4 minutes makes it hard to work with LogSeq on the phone as fast entry point to the application.

Steps for recreating the defect

  • Open LogSeq on the iPhone
  • Wait for Sync (LogSeq Sync Service) to complete
  • Close LogSeq App
  • Open LogSeq App
  • See System syncing for several minutes

Expected result
As the system had been synced before the sync after re-open of the application shall take only a few seconds to finish.

Actions (taken to nail down the issue)

  • Switched of Private Relay on the iPhone as this was a different setting on the iPhone compared to the iPad, where the problem cannot be observed
  • Completely uninstalled the Application and corresponding files from the iPhone and reinstalled after a complete sync on the iPad.
  • Checked that the files are stored on iPhone and iPad locally and not in iCloud.


  • Is there any suggestion which other steps to take to investigate this behaviour further?
  • Is there any option to get this fixed?

**Screenshots **

Where on the iPhone have you stored the graph (the Logseq folder with the icon)? And what version of Logseq are you using? Apart from that, it’ll be difficult to say what it could be as iOS gives very little options to create logs.

If you want, I can have you added to the TestFlight program. That way, you can try out different versions of Logseq. Also, you can log a bug report from within Logseq and send it to the devs (they won’t be able to see any of your notes—at most they can see file names).

DM me your Apple ID if you want to use the TestFlight version of Logseq (effortless switching between versions and easy bug reports that give the devs some logs to work with).

I have looked at the path being shown on the MacBook and on iOS. While the

Can this difference in the filepath be an origin of the problem?
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Hi @Ramses,

i could drill the issue further down by having a clean install on all devices and then activating one plugin after the other. At the time i activated the Zotero integration the problem came up again. In the past i had synced all my Zotero sources which have been approx. 3.000 this most probably has put LogSeq into a problem.

Thanks for giving me time to express and figure out how to solved the problem. I’m happy to further contribute by testing functions or anything elase.

Best Regards,