Is it possible to add one more action button on assets/figure?

Actually I have left similar question in “Feature request”, while then I thought it might be improper place. So please excuse me to raise one here again.

Currently if we insert/copy a figure into, then it will shows “Delete / copy / maximize”
when mouse sweep on the figure.
Therefore I am wondering if there’s simple way to add one more icon/command for “rename” by
custome.js or something else,.
Is this possible? I think I have saw many request about assets name while it seems still under consideration by Develop team.
To me, Lsq auto-naming is good but not convenient for partial export/move .md file if need.
So I am thinking if it’s possible to manual rename the file name after Lsq auto-generating the names,
then I can easily find the assets with current page.
Per now I need to go to .\assets\ and manually rename the figure/pdf file name which Lsq auto generated, and then change the link to correct file name in Lsq.
If there’s an icon rename on the figure, save 2 steps into 1 step. then it will be great.
I am not familiar with JavaScript, so please share to me if this is possible,
of course, if it’s not, please also confirm that.
Thanks a lot.

Consider Rename embedded assets

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