IT security issue

At the beginning Logseq was something I’ve just gave a try. I’ve started just taking notes without bothering about structure, organization, namespaces queries etc. I need to write a note – I write it - That’s it. Mostly I was playing. Then I’ve took one step further – I’ve start annotating project specifications for which I am responsible for. Then it happened – I’ve got an unpleasant call from IT director, that I’ve violated company security rules. Reason was that EDR agent has detected encoded powershell script executed by Logseq software (sorry if it is not clear this was explanation I’ve got). As I understood it happened each time when I click link to file in my network space. It was request to use approved company note taking software - in my case OneNote. I’ve tried to move my Logseq notes in OneNote and after 30min I’ve understood that is not possible, at least not possible without losing information and connections. Now I’m stuck, I took the red pill and cannot get back into the matrix. I hope that my experience could be useful for others and I hope that one day Logseq team could do something about it.

I think more specific information is needed for a clearer understanding. For example, find out what exactly alerted the agent (what requests, and so on) and post it here. If you use plugins, then one of them may be working, or maybe you have statistics sending enabled (“Send usage data and diagnostics to Logseq” - disabled in the settings). In any case, we need more information to solve the problem or at least send full description into github

Sorry I’ve had removed Logseq and I cannot check what settings were.
Please see below screenshot I’ve got from our IT:

I hope it could help.
Anyway, thank you for your prompt reply!

PS. It is in French, but that’s all I got.

Probably the same as in:

There are already issues on github too:

It seems to be the same issue. I will be happy if this problem is worked on and I can go back to Logseq again.