Journal file name format

I’m using Obsidian and my journal files are named thus “2021 07 16 - Friday” since I find it helpful to have the day of the week in the name. I think in LogSeq this format is expressed as “yyyy MM dd - EEEE” so I have added the following lines to config.edn

:date-formatter “EEEE, MMM do yyyy”
:journal/file-name-format “yyyy MM dd - EEEE”

However this doesn’t seem to work. Now I don’t get any journal file for today at all.

I’m sure I’ve seen people refer to the file-name-format setting but is this actually implemented yet or am I just using it wrong ?

It seems to work for some as per forum posts. Even I can’t get it to work. My vault has date in MMM do, YYYY formal.