Jump from ref or embedded to source block on the same page

Is it by design that I can’t jump from ref or embedded to source block that is on the same page? It only jumps to pages not to exact block’s position. Or is it a bug?

Jumping from page to page with ref or embedded works correctly. I mean it takes me to the exact block position.

I can only jump on the same page to the exact block’s position when using footnotes.

To check what I mean: if you have a page with a lot of blocks, copy block ref or as embedded and paste it at the top of the page. Clicking on this ref or embedded you will not be able to jump to source text / block position.

I want for every page that is dedicated to some area of my interests have todo section at the top of the page that has a link to page todo.

This way on todo page Linked references I will have todo’s from all areas of my interests.

And below such section I will collect information. I want to be able to reference some text that is somewhere below on page to todo section. The problem is that when I click on pasted reference it doesn’t take me to source text / block but it opens block in focus mode like this:

When I click on page name (linux in this example) it takes me to todo section of linux page, i.e. at the top of the page. It is impossible to find source text / block other way than using search.


It may related to my feature request:

But In the above feature request, I assumed markdown already supports internal links.
If you have a feature request that targets both markdown and org syntax. Feel free to link my feature request.