Keyword and full text search on entire page

It would be cool if we can do a search when words that we search for are not located close to each other.

For example, I have a page with 2 blocks. 1st block contains a word “foo”, and 2nd block contains a word “bar”.

Searching for

foo bar
currently does not retrieve any results.
A search is limited to a single block, but it seems that also it is limited to full phrases. For examples let’s consider a block with the following text:
DataScript is an immutable in-memory database and Datalog query engine in Clojure and ClojureScript

When I search for

immutable database
nothing is returned

Thank you for your post.

I only recently realized, that the search does not find results when the search words are spread over different blocks or title and content.

For me, this is getting more and more essential to find pages with specific information. It would be a wrong assumption, that all search terms are located within the same block.

:fire: For me, this missing feature is one of the current top 4 problems with the search in LOGseq.

I have made a separate feature request to get more attention to the situation …

… and linked your post there.

Thanks for bringing this up.
This problem definitely needs more attention.

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To add to the issue even when searching within a sginle block word order matters. When you search for a page using Ctrl + K, you have to enter the terms in the same order as they appear in the page.
E.g. I have lots of pages with titles like “Find all large files in a git repository #howto #git” - if you search for “#howto #git”, you will find the page with both terms, but if you search for “#git #howto” the search doesn’t find both terms anymore