PLEASE fix the search 💙

I use LOGseq on a daily basis and am more and more often reaching its limits with the search.

The more information I collect in LOGseq, the more critical it becomes to find this information afterwards.

From my point of view, the search currently has 4 major problems:

  • Some search combinations simply do not return any hits (although there would be hits, e.g. within the title).
  • The search currently only works within a block/title and not across multiple blocks and titles. However, this is absolutely important in order to find corresponding pages.
  • The search only finds hits, if the order of the words is the same as in the search query.
  • A refinement of the search is not possible (filter/search within the search results).

Here is a collection of relevant bug reports and feature requests I found …

Not all these suggestions for improvement are equally important, but the 4 points mentioned above are absolutely essential for my daily work.

I sincerely hope that the devs will take up search as soon as possible and focus on “finding information” in LOGseq.

Thank you for your work so far.
I am impressed by the great benefits LOGseq has already had for me!

seem that developers has little time to read forum.
wish they hire a full time PM to reply our request and clarify roadmap.


Thanks for your response.

On the one hand, I would also like to see a direct reaction from the development team here in the forum more often - on the other hand, I’m glad when they use their time to move LOGseq forward.

Even if they don’t speak out so often in the forum, some bugs that got reported here got actually fixed. That’s why I remain optimistic that it helps if we draw attention to problems that are important to us here in the forum.

Therefore, THANK YOU for your votes so far.


This is an amazing post! Thanks so much for compiling this, we’ll use it as our main reference to improve search here. So sorry for the lack of responsiveness! We working to be more active here on the forums, and everyone on the team is reprioritizing to do so. Expect us to be way more active on here from now on :slight_smile:

Hard to prioritize with such a small team, and we’re getting better at it. But lately we’ve been focused on the loudest asks (mobile, sync) and the most critical bugs (anything that touches data loss). Sorry for not keeping up! Just hired someone to work on search, so expect improvements here :slight_smile:


Thank you for compiling @ChrisVn

I am also referencing the issue of not jumping to blocks when in search, as mentioned here:

Interestingly, on the web version there is no such issue. Even with the updated (Beta) local version this issue persists.
Thank you @ianmcn for implicitly suggesting another workaround of creating a page and looking for unlinked references.

Also, I would love to search for posts from certain time-frames (I personally organize my life in terms of notes by the places where I live). Thus, for example, being able to look for “What a wonderful world” between 2021-03-17 and 2021-05-23 would be great.
I have not yet been able to make this work through queries. If someone reading this knows a workaround, please let me know!

I am looking forward to the work of the new hire focusing on search @ andotvu !


Any progress on improving search?


I know this is not the answer, and I too have voted for this improvement - but for now I am using the beta version of the app called “Everything” which very quickly can do advanced searches on file contents. I locate the file(s) and then open them in Logseq or some other Markdown editor / viewer.

Not perfect, but the Everything app allows for complex search queries until we get a supercharged search in Logseq.


Thanks for the hint.

I used the app “file seek” ( ) for the same purpose and I also use “Everything” but didn’t notice that they added content search in the latest versions.

That’s the beauty of Logseq. Because it does not use a proprietary format and the files are available locally, we can help ourselves with such tools until the search has been improved in Logseq.


Workflowy’s search function is what I consider the gold standard for finding your information quickly. You can filter down to what you are looking for FAST and in a full-screen window. Would love to see a Search function that powerful in Logseq.


Yes, and when it comes to embedding the blocks, the same thing also happens.


Workflowy’s search function is what I consider the gold standard for finding your information quickly. You can filter down to what you are looking for FAST and in a full-screen window. Would love to see a Search function that powerful in Logseq.

+1. dynalist’s search is also fantastic. It filters the page results in context. Would be great if the Logseq Team could look at these two products and take some of the search ideas.

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We are working on search improvement. Page content search is already delivered.


I can’t tell if search results are presented in any particular order. It would be really nice to have results from using the search bar ordered by date and/or to have some options for how to sort the results.

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queries or advanced queries might help you search.
Unfortunately, they also have issues and are not easy to use.

One more: pages and blocks that are already referenced in some places should get up-ranked in search results. (Implementing PageRank or similar could be a robust solution, but using raw backreference count would probably work okay too.)

Is there any way to just search for pages and not blocks?