[Learn Log] Building structures and routines for task management and quick retrieval of notes from past projects

  • [Learn Log] Building structures and routines for task management and quick retrieval of notes from past projects
    This learning log is based on Ramses’ helpful template
    • My goal

      • To consistently manage tasks in Logseq and structure my project and learning notes in a way that scales, makes them easily retrievable, is consistent yet not constraining.
      • Explanation
        • I gain a lot of knowledge from the projects I do, but the details I forget with time or are somewhere I can never find them again. This is true for courses I take, or terminal commands I use and take notes on. A system that prevents this will have huge personal value for me as I will need to re-learn (or look up) much less when re-visiting activities I have undertaken before.
        • Task management appears to work much better for me when it’s in the same place as the execution of that task: Logseq. I need to build a routine for this I can still follow with my eyes closed.
    • What I want to build with simple queries

      • Overviews of concepts that I learned during a course and took notes on in Logseq.
      • Create an overview of terminal commands that I have used before
      • A task management system that lists todo’s per project
    • What I want to build with advanced queries

      • Create queries that are re-usable for any project or interest and list TODO’s that link to that project
      • Query project tasks into an overview that shows the stage of the project I am in, which tasks are upcoming.
    • My learning plan

      • To be filled in
    • What is my target performance level?

      • What is good enough?
      • A consistent TODO management system and knowing how I should structure my notes to make them easy to query.
      • Creating queries with specific conditions while having some some beginner skills of modifying the specifics of how the results are presented
    • What are critical tools?

    • What are my learning resources?

    • How will I create feedback loops for myself?

      • Here I’ll think of ways to practice so I’ll challenge myself.
      • Re-creating queries of others and seeing if they work.
        Queries channel on Discord for immediate help and to prevent wasting time while stuck
    • What are my potential barriers to practice?

      • Think high pre-practice effort, distractions, emotional blockers.
      • Not planning ahead and consequently running out of day before completing practice
      • Exhaustion due to bad sleep
      • Other projects getting in the way
      • Healthy habits like walking and sports that I cannot/should not drop, taking up time
      • Global warming/sickening heat
    • How long will my learning project take?

      • Until [[July 31st, 2022]]
    • How much time am I going to spend learning and practicing deliberately each week?

      • Every day I’m going spend 1 hour in total, split out by:
      • 30 minutes of watching/reading and taking notes
      • 30 minutes of applying what I learned
    • When am I going to study or practice each day?

      • In the morning at 11:45
      • In the afternoon at 17:00

check out this collection of pre-made todo- managing queries: logseq_task_queries/queries.md at main · chanpory/logseq_task_queries · GitHub

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