[Learn Log] Enhance and automate Zettelkasten and Newsletter workflows for ADHD

Thanks to Ramses’ learn log for the template/ideas for filling it out.

My goal: Learn different query structures and techniques for automation and funnels

I need things to metaphorically yell at me to make sure I remember them. I imagine queries can help create automation and funnels for my daily Journals page to keep things I need to work on always at top of mind.

What I want to build with simple queries

  • Indices of different kinds of notes, and of different note statuses

What I want to build with advanced queries

  • Sections of my daily Journals page that can act as dashboards and inboxes
  • Content pipeline

My learning plan

What is my target performance level?

What is good enough?

  • Content funnels for the entire lifecycle of my Zettelkasten notes and Newsletter
    • My end goal: have those content funnels task-focused to make sure I don’t just see the content but am reminded to act on it

What are the subskills of this skill?

What are the smaller skills I need to master first, and in what order?

  • Templates
  • Documenting workflows

What are critical tools?

What tools do I need every time I want to learn theory or practice applying it?

What are my learning resources?

What are my primary sources of information about this skill?

How will I create feedback loops for myself?

Here I’ll think of ways to practice so I’ll challenge myself.

  • Start by exactly following/copying examples for resources and check if I get the same result
  • #queries channel on Discord for when I’m stuck and need immediate help

What are my potential barriers to practice?

Think high pre-practice effort, distractions, emotional blockers.

  • I have to commute for almost 4 hours daily, so I have limited free time at home
  • Various chronic illnesses which affect my energy and attention

How long will my learning project take?

Until 2022-07-31T04:00:00Z.

How much time am I going to spend learning and practicing deliberately each week?

*Every day I’m going to spend 1 hour in total, split out by:

  • 30 minutes of watching/reading and taking notes.
  • 30 minutes applying what I learned by writing queries.

Either two 20/10 pomos or two 25/5 pomos, depending on how I’m feeling.

When am I going to study or practice each day?

Here I think about what are the best times for me in the day and week to learn and practice.

Evenings are best for me. I commute two days a week right now, but regardless, I want the time to be consistent even on days I’m remote.

Have I reserved my learning sessions in my calendar?

Yes. I used Google Calendar’s “goal” feature to automatically schedule an hour for me every evening. So far, most of them are at 7pm.

Reflection template

These questions I’ll use to reflect on my progress.

All from Ramses (thank you!).

  • Focus

    • When am I focused, and when am I multitasking and distracted?
    • When am I skipping learning sessions or procrastinating?
    • How long does it takes to get into a flow state during a learning session?
    • How long can I sustain focus before my mind starts to wander?
    • For the type of learning activity I just did, should I be more concentrated for intensity or more diffuse for creativity?
  • Drill

    • What are the weakest points of my performance I should spend time focusing on?
    • What’s the step in the skill that’s holding me back?
    • When I feel my progress is slowing down and I feel that I need to learn too much, what are the smaller parts I can split the skill into?
  • Retrieval

    • How much time do I spend reading and reviewing, and how much time solving problems and recalling things from memory?
    • How do I test my skill or understanding to avoid the illusion of competence?
    • How can I make sure I can explain what I learned in a day, a week, or year from now?
  • Feedback

    • How do I get feedback on my performance?
    • What did I learn well during this learning session?
    • What did I not learn well during this learning session?
    • What 20% of the feedback am I going to use to improve next?
  • Retention

    • How will I remember what I learn now for the long term?
    • How have I spaced out reviewing what I learned now in the future?
    • What factual knowledge have I learned and how will I apply it?
    • What foundational part(s) of the skill should I practice more, even if I’d overlearn it?
  • Intuition

    • What parts of the new knowledge do I have to memorize, and how can I understand it more deeply?
    • How would I explain what I just learned to someone else?
    • Why is what I just learned true?
    • How does this knowledge relate to what I already know?
  • Experimentation

    • Where am I getting stuck with my current resources and techniques?
    • Where would it be beneficial to branch out and try new approaches to reach my goal?
    • How can I go beyond the basics and try out stuff others haven’t explored before?