Lightweight Plugin for auto-tagging

I got introduced to Logseq via a comment on my HackerNews-post.

What I’m working on is an open-source, free and lightweight (based on a wordlist, no heavy backend-stuff) frontend package for auto-tagging any form of textual content/input.
→ (live-demo and link to the repo above, I’m currently not allowed to post more links here).

As comments suggested below the HN-post, it could be useful for Logseq-users (or Obsidian).
I just started to scratch the surface and try to get a understanding on how it could be integrated and what exactly would be the use-case here…

I quickly flew over this discussion, that’s obviously not what my tool is trying to achieve.
Probably more a “(personalized) low-barrier form of generating tags on-the-fly”.

So maybe you can help me with some input here.
What use-cases do you see?
What has my package has to provide (technically) so it could be useful/integrated?