Link Preview for external URLs (aka Link Unfurl, Cards, URL Preview, URL Expansion, Link Expansion)

Support Link Previews in Logseq for all URLs, similar to how {{twitter <URL>}} and {{tweet <URL>}} work.

So you could write code like this:


And it would show a preview of the web page.

This feature request is a superset of Show popover preview of links on hover, since it involves external URLs. That feature is implemented, and the thread is closed, so this thread is necessary.

Here is an example of the existing Twitter link preview:


This should be possible for any URL type, like any messaging app can do:



I agree!

In the meantime, this plugin might be of interest. It supports both link hovers and Notion-style bookmarks (using the slash command “[Link Preview] Convert current link to a Link Card”

Logseq Plugin Link Preview

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In terms of the Twitter preview: that’s different from the OpenGraph link information preview (the examples you show later).

The link preview for Twitter is a macro that uses the Twitter embed iframe specs, and you can create your own macros (see Allow me to embed a mastodon post just like I can embed a tweet | GitHub).