Show popover preview of links on hover

feature request to have a popup preview of links on hover.
Ideally, the popup preview should show a scrollable view (sticky popup, it remains visible as long as the user doesn’t explicitly click outside of the popup preview window or press ESC – as opposed to a popup that closes as soon as the mouse leaves the link) of the linked page / block in the repo.

similar functionality is present in RemNote, Obsidian, Tiddlywiki (GitHub - tobibeer/tw5-preview: a TiddlyWiki plugin to preview tiddlers when hovering links), etc…
an example of Siyuan’s implementation of this feature :

benefits :
we can glimpse at links without changing page, complementing the right-sidebar nicely.

related features :

Been a big fan of this ui for a while! Is editing within these popover panes useful? Or is the mere viewing usually good enough?

I would consider ‘glimpse’ to be the main feature as Editing is only one click away in all cases.

In obsidian and TW, I used to tweak the css to have a zoomed-out view in the popover, to see more content in a smaller pop-up.

I guess editing inside the popover would be the icing on the cake, although it should then probably be restricted to editing in inline mode without access to front matter or other potentially page-breaking stuff, a sort of ‘safe mode’ editing view?

another good use case for popup previews would be block refs, block embeds peeping : as the autocompletion suggestions for blocks appears, the user could glimpse at the actual content to help disambiguate similar results.

for instance, as the graph grows, we will probably get multiple hits for common terms like ((introduction)) ((feature)) or ((setup))… without a proper way to disambiguate the block origin/context it’s easy to mix up links. Maybe a content preview could alleviate this issue ?

Popover previews are really useful for me. Here’s how they look in Roam, which I actually like more than Obsidian’s (currently they just work for block refs, not for pages).

Screenshot 2020-12-31 1136592

Nice indeed, the roam pop-up is a bit similar to remnote or wikipedia, it’s clean and simple

I use aliases a lot for academic writing in Logseq. Could we have Logseq show the original block when hovering above the alias?

Hi, blocks don’t have aliases, so not quite sure what you mean. Maybe check out the glossary for the right term? Do you mean a markdown block link?

It would be great to have block aliases in Logseq similar to what roam does, where the block information is shown when hovering.

We recently discussed the issue of what to call markdown links in the Discord, and I think alias is the wrong term here. But I agree that, for markdown links to blocks (or pages for that matter), it would be great to have Logseq preview the content of the link target.

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unless I’m mistaken, this feature request is related to popup previews : Show popover preview of links on hover

maybe we should merge topic for clarity ?

Yes, I believe they can be merged. Although this one was also on using references to blocks and not just pages.

Closed as feature now part of latest release