Link to external pdfs in local Zotero folder and Better BibTex support

Problem: Logseq uses fie links that are not relative, so it cannot be used to reliably link to pdfs stored in zotero. I would like to keep my pdf’s in Zotero and have a way not only to reference these documents, but also to link to these documents. Normal external links stop working if I change my computer.

Solution: Zotero references in logseq should contain Better Bibtex enabled relative links to the pdf files in the local Zotero library. This would make it possible to link to external pdf files (saved in the local zotero library) with a simple reference. Clickong on the reference would open the file. These external links would not break, even if I switch to another computer.
In Zettlr this possible - as zettlr is open source it’s implementation might be helpful.

Better Bibtext Support could also be a way to bring deeper Zotero integration to LogSeq by enabling the use of localZotero data - thanks to Zotero extension ZotFile local zotero storage can be reorganised to be highly human- and machine readable wth author-title filenames and author-name folder structurs

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Not ideal solution but I think this would help Discord

so how I set up my Logseq x Zotero is to set everything to the Logseq assets folder, and in the pdf annotation page (the hls page) in Logseq I delete the 1st block that has the absolute path for the pdf file. Without the absolute path in the pdf annotation page (the hls page), Logseq will default to look for the pdf in the asset folder. I don’t use Mac or another PC, but I think my solution will solve this issue.

I would like to have BibLaTeX support without having to use Zotero. I didn’t put this as a feature request, but did ask for someone to develop a plugin based on this… The advantage is that such a solution would work for people who use other reference managers as well.

Seems what you are looking for already exists in academic markdown editor zettlr which uses the citeproc-js library to enable the usage of bibtex files:

implementation in zettlr:

citeproc-js library:

so building the plugin for which you offered the bounty would mainly consist of a zettlr-like implementation of citeproc-js in logseq …maybe an intresting project for @Aryan , who seems to be on a roll these days. Why not add this to the honors list? :wink:

@Luhmann Aryan wrote a plugin for bib files, see this thread: Comprehensive Zotero Plugin - #26 by gax

Unfortunately pdf links don’t work for me as Logseq doesn’t treat relative paths correctly.
It was supposedly fixed for audio: Support relative path in audio component , but I haven’t tested it.

Did anyone get relative file:// links for pdfs to work?

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Yes, I commissioned that plugin and he tested it on my database. I use Paperpile not Zotero, and they don’t currently have PDF links in their .bib file, but I’m talking to Aryan about possibly supporting this some other way. (Paperpile lets you configure how your PDFs are stored on Google Drive, so it should be possible…)


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Here is a recording of the steps which lead to the problem

When I set the to zotero linked attachment base directory to D:\Box Sync\Logseq\Research\assets, Logseq message is “It seems that your config.edn is broken. We’ve restored it with the default content and saved the previous content to the file logseq/broken-config.edn.” This overwrites my config.edn.

Up to this point I had been importing my PDFs into Logseq as assets, which is fine, however, this is duplicating the PDFs on my system as a copy already exists, i.e., the PDF is on my file system and added as a linked attachment in Zotero. My goal is to maintain a single copy and have Logseq open this version only within the Logseq app itself.


you are trying the online-sync, correct? Not the “Comprehensive Zotero Plugin”?

Thanks gax. I wasn’t aware of the Comprehensive Zotero Plugin. I have just figured out this plugin and it is very much what I was looking for. Great stuff. :grinning:

@macaodh The plugin is great! Just FYI, I ran into a strange issue. I use a relative path in Zotero to the attachment directory, but since Logseq doesn’t do relative file paths this breaks the annotation.