Linux Version of Logseq is slow

Hey guys my logseq on linux is getting very slow an bugging. I can’t even write fluently. Can anyone relate ? Does anyone have the issue on linux ?
Btw. I’m on Arch Linux

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Did this happened after recent Logseq update? Which version are you on? I am on KDE Neon with Logseq installed as Flatpak. Version 0.9.14 is even better than the previous one, as reported also by other user there is a performance improvement.

Hey. No it’s I think about the version 9.13 or 9.14. I’m not quite sure. I’m on garuda linux (based on arch). I’ve installed Logseq also with the flatpak.

I tried to update my garuda system but it changes nothing. I think to problem is in Logseq

Have you tried the AppImage? That’s what I run on a couple of different distros (including Arch).

I’ve already tried the AppImage, the flatpak and I tried to install the Windows Version with Wine. I’ve also tried to use the Logseq Graph on a really really fast SSD but I’ve had the same issues.
I think I’m gonna re-install Linux Garuda tomorrow. Afterwards I’m gonna give you guys an return message.
Thanks for your help.
That’s why I love the Logseq Community and I will never switch to any other.
Y’all doing a great job !!

@white have you tried

  1. Reindex the graph
  2. Create a new graph


Already tried about 50 times. Same issue.

Our friend Tools On Tech says that if you save your graph on a cloud folder you may have your problem Slow Logseq at 8:42

Have you tried an older (or newer) AppImage?

I haven’t thought of this. Good Idea. I’ll try it today

I saved my Graph on my local HDD. But the Speed ist enough. As I already said I’ve tried it with a about 500mb/s SSD, same problem.

So I’ve tried it and this does not work either

Hi, white. I’m using Logseq as flatpak on ArcoLinux (an Arch Linux based distro). It works well enough. I have some speed issues on the Android app, but the last version works a bit better. ¿Do you have Logseq as flatpak or via AUR?

Hi, i also use logseq in linux. it is also extremely slow for me. It takes between 5 and 10 seconds to open a page.
I have tried reindex the graph and create a new graph with only 5 pages. Nothing brought any real improvement.

What can I do?

I use OpenSuse Thumbleweed and have tested Logseq-linux-x64-0.9.10 to Logseq-linux-x64-0.9.20 as AppImage.

you can try starting logseq with --disable-gpu to check if it is 3d related.

Hi, if I start LogSeq with the --disable-gpu
option, switching from one page to another is much faster.
It is still not really fast at 3 to 5 seconds, but at least the time required is halved.

Thanks @poelzi

Running under Ubuntu is working ok here, even better than on Windows.
I’ve found Garuda is slow to me overall for other apps (have not tested Logseq there)


Under KDE Plasma everything was fine. I moved to Neon 2 days ago and it’s painful - absolutely painful. Lag in typing. Takes ages to open. The machine itself hasn’t changed, just the OS.

I’m going to do some tinkering and see if I can speed things up. If I manage I will post again.


Right! I looked at lots of things and changing the Compositor settings to “Prefer lower latency” makes a substantial difference to LogSeq on KDE Neon. To do this:

System Settings > Search “Compositor” > Change “Latency” to “Prefer lower latency” > Apply.

Best to reboot. Overall performance on all apps (as you would expect) has improved.