Linux Version of Logseq is slow

Hey guys my logseq on linux is getting very slow an bugging. I can’t even write fluently. Can anyone relate ? Does anyone have the issue on linux ?
Btw. I’m on Arch Linux

Did this happened after recent Logseq update? Which version are you on? I am on KDE Neon with Logseq installed as Flatpak. Version 0.9.14 is even better than the previous one, as reported also by other user there is a performance improvement.

Hey. No it’s I think about the version 9.13 or 9.14. I’m not quite sure. I’m on garuda linux (based on arch). I’ve installed Logseq also with the flatpak.

I tried to update my garuda system but it changes nothing. I think to problem is in Logseq

Have you tried the AppImage? That’s what I run on a couple of different distros (including Arch).

I’ve already tried the AppImage, the flatpak and I tried to install the Windows Version with Wine. I’ve also tried to use the Logseq Graph on a really really fast SSD but I’ve had the same issues.
I think I’m gonna re-install Linux Garuda tomorrow. Afterwards I’m gonna give you guys an return message.
Thanks for your help.
That’s why I love the Logseq Community and I will never switch to any other.
Y’all doing a great job !!

@white have you tried

  1. Reindex the graph
  2. Create a new graph


Already tried about 50 times. Same issue.

Our friend Tools On Tech says that if you save your graph on a cloud folder you may have your problem Slow Logseq at 8:42

Have you tried an older (or newer) AppImage?

I haven’t thought of this. Good Idea. I’ll try it today

I saved my Graph on my local HDD. But the Speed ist enough. As I already said I’ve tried it with a about 500mb/s SSD, same problem.

So I’ve tried it and this does not work either

Hi, white. I’m using Logseq as flatpak on ArcoLinux (an Arch Linux based distro). It works well enough. I have some speed issues on the Android app, but the last version works a bit better. ¿Do you have Logseq as flatpak or via AUR?