Logseq Jira Plugin

Just built an integration that updates Jira links and issue keys into Markdown compatible links with issue summary and status in name.

Changes issue keys like IS-5544 or JIRA links like https://company.atlassian.net/browse/IS-5544 to [Backlog|IS-5544|Summary of the issue](https://company.atlassian.net/browse/IS-5544).

Looking forward to your use and feedback…

I intend to improve it and add more features like sync status and page level updates, etc. in the future.

Awesome plugin, thank you @adit.

Have you already submitted it to the plugin marketplace? I’d love to include it in the newsletter.

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Hi Ramses,

It’s live in the marketplace now… Thanks for considering.


Hi @adit Thanks for this plugin - saves me so much time as a Product Manager.

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Just noticed this plugin. This will be a huge productivity boost. It would be great if you could add other Jira variables.

Any intend to update the features ?
I can help with the repo too.
Worth doing the same as Notion currently do

Thanks for reaching out on this. I’d love to collaborate.

Feel free to suggest changes, or sending pull requests.

What are some variables you’d like to have?

Assignee would be the most useful. Then optionally Fix versions, Reporter, Due date. But it would nice to be able to customize those, since not everyone would want the same ones.

Sounds like a good idea to solve more specific use cases than I originally thought of… I’m wondering if adding these properties to block properties instead of inline would be a good way to put them in.

Maybe something like this?

It has two benefits in my mind.

  1. The values are clearly separated, and we could use toggles in the plugin settings to enable/disable some of these values.
  2. Enabling or disabling some values won’t massively change the visual consistency of the main text itself.

Some disadvantages would be

  1. If the link is part of a sentence, the block properties might attach to a block that would be more difficult to update subsequently.
  2. The block would appear much bigger than it needs to.

What do you all think?

The use of properties would be a good improvement for sure.


THIS-244: Reduce Page loading time by 50%
status:: ONTRACK
resolution:: #Resolved
Components:: Workstream A
priority:: #Medium
issueKey:: THIS-244
issueType:: #Epic
issueSummary:: Reduce Page loading time by 50%
tags:: JIRA

Hey… Just published a new version with some initial fields included to test it out.

It’ll be cool if you can give it a test ride and share how it goes… The block properties will only show up when there’s a single Jira issue detected in the block.

I love the block properties. That could be useful for queries. Another property I could use is Resolution. But the original feature of adding the description and creating a link isn’t working anymore.

Added version 0.0.9

New updates

  • Block properties are now an alternative to inline summary mechanism. (Workaround until issue fixed)
  • When block properties are enabled, summary will show as a hyperlink.
  • Added Resolution as a block property. If no Resolution reached, block property won’t be added.


  • Changed default values for boolean from string to boolean values.
  • Removed Jira from settings strings to make easier to read
  • Moved toggle for inline and block properties to top of settings
  • Removed title from setting names for easier reading.

For anyone who’s better at coding than I am, here’s an issue I’m tracking that should resolve the issue of seeing block properties along with inline updates to the block. Happy to get a pull request either to workaround this in the plugin, or fix directly in Logseq.

Are there any plans to support jira on premise?

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I can’t seem to get this plugin to work using the latest release. Anyone else having the same issue?

@Bader Could you share more details?

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The plugin always returns Couldn't find a valid Jira issue key.

I created a new jira account with a test issue. Created an API token and authenticated in the plugin.
Added the issue code UNS-1 and used the command /update jira issue

Which version of the plugin and Logseq are you on?

This issue was reported on a previous release but it’s working fine on 0.9.9 Logseq with 0.0.9 Logseq-jira.