Logseq Logo Community Contest: Submission Thread

Is the current logo also a contender? Personally I quite like it, to me it comes over as a playfull logo that shows a ‘don’t take things to seriously’-attitude that I like.

If it is a contender I will probably vote on that one.


I like this one too. If we’re looking for a way to have a cube accommodate LS, here’s an idea:


^ we’re getting one step closer to adhering to godwin’s law :rofl:


yes, sad to see no love for the logseq paw… I like the legacy logo, so here’s a minimal take on the paw that can be read as nodes (or dots, Ensō, planets, crop circles, dices, whatever suits your mood really).



Good idea! Thanks for the feedback :grinning:

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turning the paw into nodes

expanding on the bullet threading ideas from above




dots + line


Here is my concept map (since I don’t know how to use design software)

  • Original icon theme: The icon before Logseq is a footprint that tells the story of recording footprints and recording retained moments.

  • Theme of the current icon: Therefore, my icon is designed with the concept of time, stairs (the three small horizontal lines on the right are ascending steps), arrow direction, and add the initial L of Logseq.

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I suggest that whichever new logo you choose, we should have the option to stay with the old logo.


a logo for logseq with a log made in logseq


Hey there! :wave:

I have a suggestion for a Logseq icon: how about a mascot?

Many popular apps and platforms have one, such as Evernote (elephant), Twitter (bird), Mastodon (mastodon), Bear notes (bear), Hootsuite (owl), Ulysses (butterfly), and so on.

One of the animals that are known for their remarkable memory skills is – the squirrel. They collect and store their possessions in different places, just like we do with our notes in Logseq.

According to a BBC article, squirrels also tend to sort their nuts by type, a strategy called chunking. This helps them remember the location and quality of each nut better. Chunking is also useful for humans when we memorize lists of items by grouping them into categories or using tags.

I think squirrel is a great symbol for Logseq and its users :upside_down_face: :chipmunk:



LogSeq is -at least for me- a rather difficult name; so emphasizing the name (abbreviation) seems appropriate. The path symbolizes also a linear Sequence of Logs, with some twists. The little orange dots with the dashed lines symbolize the (backlinks). With a little effort, you can see a living brain with neurons and dendrites :slight_smile:


I feel that Logseq has a particularly challenging case for choosing a new logo. The community is eclectic and the app is rather complex to navigate. My understanding from the mentioned core values are that Logseq is heading in a direction that is truly open community-centric in its visuals - this today may be in stark contrast with the culture of power users (no issues necessarily, but the logo itself should not gatekeep).

On the other hand, the current logo is so abstract that it in itself has become part of its identity of “not quite knowing what it is” compared to other knowledge management apps.

Personally, I feel that there’s a balance to strike with honouring the current organic mark with a clear trend in this thread as well for something more refined and matching the local notation of Logseq and graphs and connections.

So here I present my entry:

The idea is to combine organic and notational elements that apply to so many of the Logseq promises and interactions.

  • Variable node sizes: ode to the original logo - organic and plant-like in its differences, yet clearly representing the notions of nodes. The nodes also represent the different community members or groups - different shapes and sizes but all connected under one ‘tree’.
  • Lines: again, notational in their uniformity, but natural in their variance in length. An organic imbalance. The lines point up instead of down to represent emerging ideas and knowledge as opposed to the more passive hierarchisation of knowledge (that I personally believe Logseq represents).

I believe this organic-notational serves the story of intuitive knowledge management with the ‘tree’ offering structure and memory, with the variability of the elements showing adaptability, and accessibility. Well that’s it, I could go on for so much longer but I believe the point comes across: organic-notation. (sorry for repeating myself 50 times)

Lastly, I feel this logo also is pretty merch-able:)

love you all Logseq community, stay curious

(+ coincidental trees → logs easter egg for the community <3)

Edit: Not sure if its ok to keep editing the entry, hope it is. Just noticed a thread on the Discord about the logo being “theme-able”, so here’s a few examples of how it can be played around with! With 3 colour channels (or 6 if you consider each node being different colour!) there is a lot of space for playing with holiday or themes logos:) here are but a few to get people thinking!


I tried to keep part of the old while making it new and interesting.


Hello Bendy,

As per the Logseq user review and request, I tried to keep the old logo design concept, where I gave a new look to the footstep with a combination of the letter L and a different sector for saving data. You can see my idea in detail behind the design in the concept section of the presentation. Here, I tried to keep the logo as simple and minimal as possible, so the design could be applied in any format without losing any clarity.

I hope you will appreciate my proposal. I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you


Here it is my design. I based my design in:
Collaborative & Open


It’s like sticking up the middle finger :rofl:

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As some of you have asked, here is another take with the “traditional” LogSeq colour. :wave:

Full size image


The “L” shape is great. Why not insert or even link it to a “Q” shape? The green should also be a bit brighter; pastel colours for a change!

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