LogSeq Sync Content Loss Issue

Been using LogSeq sync for a while and love it.

However, I’ve lost some content on a couple of occasions when doing the following:

  1. spent the morning taking notes in the LogSeq journal on my desktop
  2. in the afternoon I’ve taken a quick note in the journal on my mobile (android) BEFORE the mobile version has had a chance to sync.
  3. upon returning to my desktop in the evening, and after the desktop has synced, all I see is the quick note I made in the afternoon. It appears I’ve loast all the morning content I made on the desktop

Is this just a case of making sure each device is fully synced before taking notes (a bit annoying if you need to take a quick note on mobile)?

Or is there anything I can do to make sure I don’t lose content in the future?

Appreciate anyones help in advance :+1:t3:


Great point, I constantly have this problem

I don’t always remember to wait for logseq to synchronize before writing, my goal is simply to get the information out of my head and I may not remember to wait for the synchronization

I believe this is an improvement we need to make in the synchronization system (especially in the logseq sync feature)

If it’s about multi-device conflict, you may recover the page from page history I'm using Logseq Sync, what should I do if I am experiencing sync issues?
We are discussing on a UI of preventing conflict before fully synced

I’m creating a thread on the edit conflict: