Logseq-ticktick-plugin development problem: how to get information from redirected url

I am working on logseq-ticktick-plugin based on logseq-todoist-plugin, and I have some problem on it.
Ticktick API is here.
It need a redirect url to get information of token, I want to know which API should I use. Maybe URL scheme or something, It remind the redirect function after logseq authorize to sync.

Is this a private page? I get a 403.
If you mean register a callback URL to invoke plugin, it’s under development: WIP: Feat/APIs http server by xyhp915 · Pull Request #7699 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
A temporal alternative should be asking user to setup the token manually.

It’s weird, this is a public page.
Token can only be access with GET-POST.

third step

After obtaining the authorization code, the user can make a POST request(Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to obtain the access token through the obtained authorization code. The request interface is https://dida365.com/oauth/token. The specific request parameters are as follows:

Name Description
client_id Username located in the header, Basic Auth authentication method
client_secret Password in Basic Auth authentication method in header
code The code obtained in the second step
grant_type grant type, now only authorization_code
scope comma-separated permission scope. The currently available scopes are tasks: write, tasks: read
redirect_uri user-configured redirect url

Access_token for openapi request authentication in the request response ``

“access_token”: “access token value”