Logseq-ticktick-plugin development problem: how to get information from redirected url

I am working on logseq-ticktick-plugin based on logseq-todoist-plugin, and I have some problem on it.
Ticktick API is here.
It need a redirect url to get information of token, I want to know which API should I use. Maybe URL scheme or something, It remind the redirect function after logseq authorize to sync.

Is this a private page? I get a 403.
If you mean register a callback URL to invoke plugin, it’s under development: WIP: Feat/APIs http server by xyhp915 · Pull Request #7699 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
A temporal alternative should be asking user to setup the token manually.

It’s weird, this is a public page.
Token can only be access with GET-POST.

third step

After obtaining the authorization code, the user can make a POST request(Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to obtain the access token through the obtained authorization code. The request interface is https://dida365.com/oauth/token. The specific request parameters are as follows:

Name Description
client_id Username located in the header, Basic Auth authentication method
client_secret Password in Basic Auth authentication method in header
code The code obtained in the second step
grant_type grant type, now only authorization_code
scope comma-separated permission scope. The currently available scopes are tasks: write, tasks: read
redirect_uri user-configured redirect url

Access_token for openapi request authentication in the request response ``

“access_token”: “access token value”


Hello Buddy. Hope you are doing good.

Were you able to complete the plugin. I am very much looking for a Logseq TickTick plugin

Hi, it is not possible to retrieve the token from inside Logseq, so the OAuth workflow does not work. I wrote a plugin and additionally created a simple page that can be used to retrieve an access token, which can then be used in Logseq.

The plugin is pretty basic at the moment, but you can create tasks from Logseq items: GitHub - mxschll/logseq-ticktick-plugin: Logseq TickTick Plugin