Ticktick integration

I saw the post Logseq-ticktick-plugin development problem: how to get information from redirected url and wasn’t sure if it’s appropriate to reply to such an old thread. Does this problem still exist, @leod? I tried out the plugin by @mxschll but it says that my token is invalid (no matter how often I retry following the exact steps in the tutorial), maybe the Ticktick API was schanged since the plugin was last updated in April. Looking for an up-to-date ans stable solution. I’m not yet a plugin developer for Logseq but I’m an experienced web developer and wouldn’t mind having to edit some code lines myself.

Have a great start into your week, everyone.


Hi @saskiabader, I haven’t had much opportunity to update the plugin recently, but I’ll review it.

Unfortunately, the TickTick authentication flow for generating an access token is incompatible with Logseq. This is primarily due to Logseq being an electron app, enforcing the same-origin-policy, which inhibits its ability to send a POST request to TickTick and obtain an access token. Consequently, I developed this page to circumvent this limitation.

I am not sure why your token is invalid. Maybe it helps if you clear the current token in the Logseq settings, uninstall the plugin and reinstall it. Then generate a new token and try again.