Low friction approach to using Logseq rules like `property` in nbb-logseq

Continuing the discussion from Working on a general approach to share a CV / Resume in Logseq:

The above-linked discussion provides some context on what I’m hoping to achieve as an authoring + publishing workflow.

I understand the way nbb-logseq works a little better now, and specifically that to use rules like (property) as they are available in queries in the Logseq UI, I need to somehow load the rules.

These rules seem to be set up in logseq/deps/db at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub

BUT, it’s not clear to me how I should load those - presumably adding these rules to the :in clause of the query? I could probably do some manual work converting these rules to the appropriate format for datalog - but the friction there is so high, I assume that’s not the intended approach.

I have an issue on the nbb-logseq repo, but wanted to make a post here for visibility.

I’m close enough that I can achieve some version of an amazing workflow - where I can mostly live in the Logseq UI, but then have a customized bb.edn file that allows me to run complex tasks in batch mode. But I’m guessing that a tiny bit of help from a more expert member of the community would put me over the top :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@cldwalker kindly walked me through a fix. My demo repo now includes an npm-installable approach that enables logseq’s custom datalog rules.

Thank you!

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