Working on a general approach to share a CV / Resume in Logseq

I came here to start a new thread, but I hope it’s not too cheeky to continue the discussion from Sprint with us and learn everything about queries this summer!:

I’m trying to figure out how to order query results by metadata within the block, filter the contents that are displayed for the query, and be able to do all of that while still maintaining the nice grouping of blocks from the same node that happens when you DON’T do any of the above.

I put a just-complex-enough Resume / CV here on GitHub as a sample to drive my work in a collaborative way. (It’s my details so the data are more “real” but I’m happy to modify them if others want to work on the same repo. You are of course welcome to fork, and I’ll put a license soon - recommendations welcome, but I’m thinking something like CC0.)

I am ultimately interested in using this for microblogging and publishing notes on things like papers I’ve written, things I’m researching, etc. I see queries as a powerful way to construct overviews for public publishing.

It took a while, but I have logseq’s extra rules for datalog working now. I think between that and How to enable the inspector/developer tools - #2 by Ramses, this should be most of what I need to poke around with getting my queries to display what I want!

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