Make unlinked reference show pages whose name contains the current page name

For example:

I have a block:

1 - Copy

And in the unlinked references section of [[steam]] page, ‘Steam tips’ should appear:

2 - Copy

Similar feature request:

You should use namespace such as creating a page


And another subpage


So than everything with Steam/Tips reference will appear also in the main page Steam

Yeah, but this increases the burden of quick notes.

And it’s more likely I am in this situation:

I had never noted Steam before. And at a time I want to add some ‘Steam tips’ into Logseq. So, naturally, without giving it much thought (including never thought that ‘Steam’ would be necessary to become a page in the future), I write down quickly:

  • [[Steam tips]]
    • tips…

A few weeks later I have some notes about ‘Steam’ to add to Logseq. So I write

  • [[Steam]]
    • Texts about Steam…

On the [[Steam]] page, I want to organise all notes relating to Steam, so I look at ‘Linked reference’ and ‘Unlinked reference’, because [[Steam tips]] doesn’t appear in both places and at this time, I forgot I had written [[Steam tips]], I will miss it.

This information is available during auto-complete. That is, while typing the new [[Steam , it suggests the existing [[Steam tips]] .

This is also where focusing on the outliner in front of you is important. I try to keep my pages about one noun or verb (in this case, [[Steam]]). If the first page you created was:

  • [[Steam]]
    • ## Tips
      • Content

Then you are future proof for new types of information about [[Steam]]. If you end up with so many tips that it needs its own page, you can extract them to [[Steam/Tips]].

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