Using namespaces & "unlinked references" should work better

Hi, i am using namespaces quite a bit, since it allows me to get an overview and navigate items of a certain “type”: e.g. location/Paris/Eiffel Tower.
I very much prefer adding a page as location/... to using a page property (e.g. page-type:: location) because i can easily browse all sights in Paris and elsewhere just using the built-in namespace navigation.

The problem is that currently Logseq’s “Unlinked References”-section only returns results for the exact page name, mentioning Eiffel Tower is not enough, it must be the full page name location/Paris/Eiffel Tower.

Feature request: Make unlinked references search both the full page name and the last part of the page name.


You cannot use aliases?

Sure! But then i would have to manually add an alias to every page… Logseq should take care of that.

But thanks for the comment, i think the feature could be called “automatic aliases for namespaces”.

An automatic alias would be dangerous. If it happened to have more than one page ending with Eiffel Tower (e.g. exhibition/painting/Eiffel Tower), the alias could point to only one of them. While unlinked references in both pages could list all mentions of Eiffel Tower and let the user decide if they are relevant or not.

OK, good point. I do not propose to modify the files (auto-adding the alias).

True. But - all versions of Eiffel Tower could be mentioned in the unlinked References section, with an indicator showing if it is in a different, the same, or no namespace, and a respective filter option ?

This would help to see (yet unlinked) links across namespaces.

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