Memos or Pages without Title

I wanted to propose to have a type of content called “memo”.


  • Memos are pages without titles that are linked via tags or backlinks to other notes.
  • When you click on them, they just pop up on the screen.
  • They can potentially be limited in number of words
  • Memos can be converted to blocks and blocks can be converted to memos
  • All memos can be listed or in a grid in a “memos” option on the left sidebar.


Sometimes I don’t want to populate a page. I just want an atomic note without a title to write something inside. If it’s good, I’ll add it to a page.

Similar to:

  • Supernotes
  • Flomo

How about a sketch or screenshot so this is easier to understand?

I hope these are clear

And there’s no way to link to them?

The can be linked via tags and wiki links.

They don’t have a parent but can be given one (a page or a whiteboard)

That’s the part I don’t understand. Can you give examples of these links?

Now I understand what you’re asking.

You’re asking whether I can link from a certain page to this memo. The answer is Yes.

Let me break down the referencing. We have two matters:

  1. Referencing a page or tag from inside a memo. I think this is relatively trivial. Using tags and backlinks we can easily do this.
  2. Referencing a memo from a page. I think this is the matter you were asking. A memo is a block that lives outside a page. it doesn’t have a direct parent (the parent can be some internal page). It can be referenced the same way we reference other blocks.

Is that more clear?

I think I understand. I think you want something like the Contents section, but with special card-like styling, similar to how styles blocks into columns.

Wow. That was a bulleye.
Amazing how you managed to link it to the old contents section to my suggestion.