Rename Contents to Pinboard

Because Rename Contents to Favorites - #25 by Swagmen_toSweden was not addressed (and was incorrectly archived) and the Contents page still remains without explanation (What is the page? - #3 by huy), the Contents page should be renamed to something that actually makes sense to noobs like me.

“Pinboard” is the best option that was suggested. (“Shelf” which is a close second is not correct because “shelving” means to put aside for later. See how JetBrains correctly uses the term Shelve and unshelve changes | IntelliJ IDEA)

Edit: to be clear, the main problem is the keyboard shortcut Toggle Contents in sidebar which specifically looks for the page and creates it if it doesn’t exist. may also have other special status in other places (e.g., the :default-home setting which seems to treat it specially)

I prefer Contents to be honest, it’s subjective, for me it instantly clicked what it was meant for.

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Contents suggest they’re the inner parts of something. So I was thinking it meant that I was looking at the inner parts of a block or page or something. Very misleading

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We should be able to rename the page in settings or choose our own. Contents has never made sense to me.

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I just found that you can by editing the file config.edn in graph-name/logseq folder.

The instructions start from line ~39 “Specify default home page and sidebar status”.

How does that rename the Contents page to something else?

Delete, create and set it as default sidebar content?

It was addressed and correctly archived. That request refers to the previous Logseq UI with no Favourites in the left sidebar and with displayed in the right sidebar but labeled “Favourites” and this created confusion and the request to rename to

Logseq devs addressed this by introducing Favourites as a list of pages in the left side bar and rename the label in the right sidebar “Contents”.

I don’t think it works the way you think it does. Did you try it?

:default-home {:page "Test", :sidebar "pinboard"} doesn’t work for me, but :default-home {:page "Test", :sidebar "Contents"} does even though I have both pages.

Either way, I don’t think this is relevant. This setting specifies what you want open at startup time. It says nothing about the keyboard shortcut Toggle Contents in sidebar which specifically looks for the page and creates it if it doesn’t exist. This is the meaning of this thread but I will edit the OP for clarity.

Until this keyboard shortcut is changed (both in name and in the automatic creation of a and other places in the code where is treated specially (e.g., the :default-home setting above), this issue is not addressed and IMO the original post was incorrectly archived.

What I mean is that if you use that as a pinboard you can use as default page in the sidebar.

Defaulting to Pinboard could be even more confusing since the entire sidebar in Logseq is used like a pinboard.

I use as table of contents like in other applications. makes sense when you want to publish your graph.

About the archived post, it was archived because refers to the old Logseq UI and one couldn’t make sense of it without that context.

Logseq devs addressed that issue by introducing Favorites in the navigation menu on the left.