More page properties like flashcard descriptions, etc

I think in the future we could have more properties of a block or a page, like a concept description or definition of a block/page, which could be very useful for flashcard spaced repetition or quick page preview. Migrated from issue801.

Previously I was using Remnote and quite enjoy the idea of " create flashcards and take notes at the same time.", simply type “::” and the words before the double colons will be the front of the flashcard; the words written after the „::“ will be the back of flashcard.

Likewise, we can either create a special tag or add a special property to enable this kind of flashcard. It does not just give you the convenience of rememorizing but gives you a better glimpse of the overall idea, as well. Very suitable for PKM.

Additionally, when you hover the mouse to this page reference, there will pop up the page preview. And you can choose to only preview the simple description for simplicity.