Faster Card Generation,and some suggestions

I can see that on the Roadmap Anki export and import is to be implemented, which will make me able to use the full scale of Anki features in addition to Logseq if implemented correctly.

my suggestions are:
1)Having multiple Types of Cards: one liner, multi lines, image occlusion type, basic and reversed, and so on.
2) the ability to create those types according to a regex expression insead of #card. for exampel :: for a one liner card. even a line break can be used to make multiline cards instead of #card making everything a card.
3)Image Occlusion with the ability to hide the boxes, in case someone wants to just read his notes.(view mode)
4)Cloze shouldn’t be hidden while reading document, it only should be hidden whilst reviewing the cards. also the ability to change the trigger for cloze would be appreciated as well as a shortcut.
5)Ability to remove empty cards (cards with no back content)
6)Ability to suspend Cards,bury or disable cards, whilst viewing the cards.
7)Edit later feature
Edited:8) Better view of cards location during reviewing them,as in include parent bullets and Document Name cards exist in, as well as the ability to provide global tags for all cards in a Document.

Nice suggestions! I would also like to have card priority settings so that incremental writing process can be implemented with more elegance.

Let’s be honest, just copy Remnote. They have this so wonderfully setup, multi liners, one liners, description and question cards and it all flows together so easily.